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Sash windows are the ideal way to enhance your Malvern home. We’re proud to install windows with the highest quality uPVC profiles. They look beautiful, creating a timeless style that suits modern and traditional homes. Our sash windows are built to perform – fully weatherproof and energy-efficient, they protect your property for decades to come.

Vertical Slider

We install sash windows that smoothly operate on a vertical sliding mechanism. Its innovative yet simple design ensures the window opens and closes like new after many years of use. The bottom half of the window retains a classic frame that lifts to rest perfectly within the top half. It’s an elegant opening that’s clean and stylish. This design became popular during Victorian times. It remains a great way to ventilate your Malvern home. Sash windows offer heritage style with modern performance.

Built To Last

Sash windows’ authentic beauty is one of the main reasons homeowners love them. Here at Pears, we’re well aware of their stunning looks. That’s why we’ve carefully updated the design for modern times with advanced technology. The results are plain to see: desirable sash windows built to stand the test of time. Our high-grade uPVC profiles are fully weatherproof and designed to retain their form under all conditions. Unlike timber, our uPVC profiles won’t bend, warp or crack. Pears sash windows are the definition of reliable – a stunning and smart investment for your home.

Slim Sightlines

Our sash windows feature attractive slim sightlines that ensure lots of natural light fills your room. The sightlines are designed with a width of just 35mm, providing great support and style for your Malvern property. This feature makes your room feel bigger, brighter and more natural. Our sash windows are great for letting in lots of sunlight. They help you feel more in contact with your garden and nature. If you’re lucky enough to have a breath-taking view, sash windows are the top choice, thanks to their slim sightlines.


The fully weatherproof uPVC profile is guaranteed to keep your property protected. Advanced sealing and highly durable materials ensure the elements are kept out. You won’t experience water ingress or leaks. The wet and cold stay outside, giving you comfort and peace of mind. uPVC frames are designed to keep you warm and dry – their resilient build means less maintenance and worry for you. Our sash windows are the complete package for keeping the weather at bay.

Acoustic Insulation

Our sash windows come with Planitherm glazing that offers great sound and heat insulation. This advanced double glazing does a top job of keeping your home quiet and comfortable. Pears sash windows are ideal for creating a peaceful oasis within your neighbourhood. Our double glazing helps reduce noise pollution – no more noisy neighbours or loud traffic. It’s a smart choice for homes in busier areas.

Trusted Security

One of our top priorities is installing windows that offer first-rate security. That’s why sash windows are ideal for Malvern homeowners who value security. Our windows come with multipoint locking systems as standard. The design is approved by Secured by Design standards, giving you peace of mind our windows pass the highest security tests. Robust double glazing and reinforced frames ensure sash windows are highly secure and keep out any potential intruders. There are no weak points on Pears sash windows – they’re made to protect your home and loved ones.

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Heritage Looks

Owners of traditional homes with listed features know how difficult and expensive it is to renovate their windows. Heritage homes often have poor energy performance due to outdated wooden windows. Although beautiful, older timber frames aren’t fully weatherproof or ideal for insulation. That’s why our uPVC sash windows are the perfect solution.

Sash windows capture the looks and spirit of traditional timber windows but feature modern performance qualities. They allow homeowners to upgrade their heritage homes without losing the façade’s classic style. It’s an ideal method for complying with building regulations cost-effectively.

Pears sash windows faithfully recreate the look of timber windows, featuring the latest hardware and accessories. This means your Malvern home retains its traditional charms and benefits from improved security and insulation.

We offer a stunning range of bespoke styles and colours to ensure you get the sash windows of your dreams. Whatever look you’re going for, Pears offer market-leading sash windows that are guaranteed to enhance your home.

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Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

We know sash windows are the ideal replacement for old timber windows. Great insulation is a major reason for this. Our specialised double glazing creates an effective thermal barrier. This ensures more warmth stays inside your home – perfect for cold winters. This also saves you money on your heating bills and reduces your carbon footprint.

The thermal barrier creates a comfortable environment for your home all year round. You’ll be cool in summer and warm in winter. What’s more, sash windows provide excellent ventilation. Whether it’s freezing or scorching hot outside, your home gains more temperature control with sash windows.

Pears sash windows feature an internal chambered profile and tilt-in sashes. This further improves your home’s energy efficiency and reduces maintenance issues too. Sash windows offer incredible insulation, protection, durability and style. No wonder they’re so in-demand with homeowners across the country.

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Experienced & Accredited

Our installers have decades of experience installing sash windows. Out team ensure they fit our uPVC windows to a professional standard, taking a duty of care with your home. As a result, we are accredited by Checkatrade, Certass and Which?

2 - Fantastic Customer Service

We are proud of our reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. Each installation is delivered with a personal touch. We value every one of our customers and treat their home like we would our own.

3 - Wider Range of Options

By installing The Rose Collection of premium sash windows, we can offer our customers a wider range of design choices. There are choices for every style of property and for every budget.

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Our entry level option, Planitherm Comfort glass still offers fantastic energy efficiency. This glass is a superb option for bedrooms or street-facing rooms on either floor. They offer a modern thermal and acoustic performance that goes above and beyond the current standard.

20% Better Noise Reduction Than Old Windows

Stops 56% More Heat Escaping the Home

Blocks 99% of All UV Rays

Superb Inherent Strength

Planitherm’s upgrade option, these double glazed panels offer heightened performance levels compared with standard glass. Choose Planitherm Comfort Plus glass for sunnier, south or west fading rooms or on larger windows that need wider-spanning glazed panels.

High Security Transparent Layer

Reduce Overheating

20% Noise Reduction Compared With Older Windows

Furniture Fade Protection With Solar Reduction


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