French casement windows add a touch of continental flair to Worcester homes. Colloquially described as being the ‘cousin’ of the French door, these windows operate in the exact same way. Opening from the centre, they make for a fantastic addition to bedrooms or garden facing rooms. You let the light in while benefiting from the same practical perks of our other uPVC windows.

Floating Mullion

French casement windows are designed with a floating mullion. This is why there isn’t a stationary central column, with it instead attached to one of the two panels. Fitting these ensures unobstructed views when the windows are opened and lets more light in.

Planitherm Glazing

We fit Comfort Planitherm glass as standard with all our French casement windows. On request, you can also upgrade to the Comfort Plus glazing. Both deliver superb thermal efficiency and weatherproofing, ensuring the perfect modern performance.

Reinforced Profile

While our uPVC is already durable, you can enhance it’s rigidity by opting for aluminium or steel reinforcement. Doing so achieves optimal home security, as the window will prove almost impossible to damage.

Weatherproof Design

All our French casement windows come fitted with high quality weatherseals. These prevent water and wind from filtering into your property. Your home is protected against draughts, rotting and damp, while the glazing itself will never become clouded.

Secure Locks

For optimal home security, our uPVC French casement windows are fitted with multipoint locking as standard. These systems protect that perimeter of the window, leaving the frame which much fewer weaker spots. You have complete peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

uPVC is a naturally low maintenance material. As a result, our French casement windows require very little upkeep after the installation. An occasional clean of the moving components and a wipe down of the glazing is all that’s needed.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

white cream golden-oak anthracite-grey black
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French Casement Windows

Energy Efficiency as Standard

Double glazed windows are synonymous with thermal efficiency. We use Planitherm glass in all our French casement windows, allowing them to retain the maximum amount of heat. During winter, this will ensure your home remains at the optimal temperature.

The uPVC profile we offer comes with internal chambers, which enhance the standard of insulation even further. They work to prevent cold air from seeping into your home. Even during the coldest of winter nights, your warm home will never be affected by the temperature outside.

French Casement Windows

Fully Customisable uPVC French Casement Windows

All our windows are made bespoke to order. With this, homeowners like yourself can design French casement windows that are completely tailored to you. Whether you live in a modern new build or a traditional period home, your new glazing will unify with your décor.

Among our customisation options are a range of quality colour finishes. Fade proof for a long lasting performance, you can choose from Chartwell Greens, Whites and even woodgrains. You can also choose from a range of authentic hardware and accessories to complete the design.

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Wide Product Range

We take pride in being comprehensive home improvement specialists here at Pears. Rather than simply offering one or two window styles, we offer the complete range. We have plenty of alternatives if you aren’t keen on our French casement windows.

2 - Hassle Free Installations

Our entire installation process is stress free from start to finish. From quotation through to aftersales, we treat you with complete respect. Pears take the hassle away from having French casement windows installed to your home. You can rely on us.

3 - Swift Lead Times

Despite offering bespoke products, you won’t be waiting excessive periods of time for your French casement windows. We work with a supply chain that ensures fast lead times throughout. You’ll get your dream renovations quicker with Pears.

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Our entry level option, Planitherm Comfort glass still offers fantastic energy efficiency. This glass is a superb option for bedrooms or street-facing rooms on either floor. They offer a modern thermal and acoustic performance that goes above and beyond the current standard.

20% Better Noise Reduction Than Old Windows

Stops 56% More Heat Escaping the Home

Blocks 99% of All UV Rays

Superb Inherent Strength

Planitherm’s upgrade option, these double glazed panels offer heightened performance levels compared with standard glass. Choose Planitherm Comfort Plus glass for sunnier, south or west fading rooms or on larger windows that need wider-spanning glazed panels.

High Security Transparent Layer

Reduce Overheating

20% Noise Reduction Compared With Older Windows

Furniture Fade Protection With Solar Reduction

Choice of Profile Options

Profile 22 Chamfered Windows

Sculptured detailing offers a more traditional decorative finish replicating the curves found on traditional timber windows.

Profile 22 Scultpured Windows

Chamfered detailing features a more contemporary and simpler bevelled edge, with straight sightlines.

Profile 22 Flush Windows
Flush Sash

Featuring a dedicated slimline window sash flush within the outer frame, recreating a period aesthetic.

French Casement Windows Handles

White Window Handle
Satin Window Handle
Chrome Window Handle
Gold Window Handle
Black Window Handle

Flush fitting push button

Push to Release

Locking mechanisms


Key locking


Sculptured cranked handle available in both LH & RH variants

Corrosion Resistant

Tested to BSEN1690 grade 5 salt and ammonia attack. Ideal especially in coastal areas


Push button & screw cover cap


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