At Pears, we offer double glazing products to homes throughout Kidderminster. Our new windows, doors and conservatories can help you make your house feel more like home. You'll add warmth, light and weather protection for your space, and you can even save money on your bills!

Thermal Efficiency

Double glazing can massively improve the thermal efficiency of your Kidderminster home. You'll be able to trap more of your home's heat inside, and insulate it against cold weather. As a result, you can keep your home warm, and keep your energy costs down.

High Security

Nothing feels better than not having any worries. With Pears' robust double glazing products, you can take those worries away. Security is paramount to us, so our designs feature leading hardware and durable frames to protect what matters most.

Tailored Designs

All homes in Kidderminster are as unique as their owners. So why should you invest in double glazing that isn't? We have windows, doors and conservatories that you can fully customise, meaning you'll invest in a bespoke design that represents your home.

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Double Glazed Doors

We also offer an extensive array of double glazed doors at Pears. Available in uPVC or a composite frame, our entrances make a lasting impact. Also, you don’t only have to get a door that can welcome people into your home.

You’ll be able to invest in bold, dramatic designs for doors that help you bring the outside world a little closer to your living space. We stock superb sliding patio doors which use full panels of double glazing, and bifold doors that disappear into the corner of the room when you open them.

As a result, you can open doors like these to ventilate your home with ease, making it feel far more natural. With all of our door options, you can also keep your house closed when you need to. Our doors have leading security features so that they can protect the things most precious to you.

You could invest in a front door with high-security locking, a sliding door with multi-point locking systems, or a bifold door with a low threshold to make prising the door open from underneath almost impossible.

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double glazing costs kidderminster

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Quality Products

Pears offers market-leading double glazing to homes in Kidderminster. If you invest in your home with us, we can help you save money on bills, improve security and create a more comfortable living space.

2 - Personal Service

We're also a local company in Worcestershire. Because of this, we can get to your home quicker, charge you less in travel costs, and offer you the friendly and personalised service your home deserves.

3 - Competitive Prices

We believe every home in Kidderminster benefits from double glazing. So, we price all of our products competitively, and with customisation options to suit any style and budget.

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