Conservatories firmly remain Worcester’s most popular extension style. A light and airy social space that connects home and garden, a conservatory is the perfect way of extending your home. Available in a plethora of styles and with a range of roof systems, we have a conservatory for every home. Our modern builds provide the optimal modern performance, including superb heat retention.


One of two traditional conservatory styles on offer, the Victorian style comes with a multi faceted design. Not only does this allowing them to suit older homes, but it also allows more light to refract into the build. They are great as social spaces.


Based off of traditional Georgian conservatories, you get a rectangular floorplan with an Edwardian build. They are easy to furnish as a result and perhaps work best as a dining area. They can equally be used as living spaces or garden rooms.


Lean-to conservatories are more modest in design. They better suit smaller properties, as they won’t look overbearing thanks to a slanted roof. They are the only conservatory style that can be fitted to a bungalow without planning permission.


Designed for larger properties, gable-end conservatories come with steeper, cathedral ceilings. They deliver elegant aesthetics and offer a touch of grandeur. Their rectangular floorplan also makes them easy to furnish with a table or sofas.


On request, Pears can manufacture and install bespoke conservatories. Often designed in a ‘T’ or ‘P’ shape, they are typically a combination of different styles. They are perfect for larger properties and instantly become the focal point.


A slight difference in style, orangeries are a superb alternative. They are considered the middle-ground between a conservatory and an extension, providing the best of both worlds. You can better privacy levels while maintaining the airy feel.

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Thermally Efficient Conservatories

Our complete range of conservatories are all thermally efficient in design. Long gone are the days of an extension that is freezing during the colder months. With this, our conservatories can be used all year round by the whole family without the concern about excessive heating bills.

Ultraframe enhancements, including insulated pelmets and corner columns, ensure as much heat is retained as possible during winter. Rather than feeling like a bolt on extension, it will instead seamlessly connect with the rest of your home.


Made to Measure Builds

All our conservatories are made bespoke to order. You won’t be buying some pre-selected design, instead getting complete control the build. You’ll be able to craft something that makes the most of your budget and unifies with the rest of your home.

In addition to the overall style, you can choose from a range of quality roof systems, with glass and tiled variants. The uPVC framework can be finished in a shade that suits your tastes. There is also an array of finishing touches available including cornices and decorative glazing.

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Why Choose Pears?

1 - Reliable Service

Here at Pears, we put emphasis on delivering great customer service. As a local home improvement specialist, we value your custom more than a national installer, and this is reflected in the standard of service we offer. From quotation through to aftersales, we take the stress away from home renovations.

2 - Efficient Installations

Conservatories typically take around one to two months to install. We take pride in fitting all our products efficiently and professionally, ensuring we stick to that guide as much as possible. With everything being made bespoke, no cutting is needed on site which can slow the process down.

3 - Quality Products

We only work with the industry’s leading manufacturers here at Pears. With this, our conservatory components are sourced from the likes of Eurocell, Ultraframe and Icotherm. The result is higher quality conservatories for homeowners. You’ll get the most for your money when you choose us.

The Ultraframe Internal Pelmet

Our conservatories come with the option of an internal perimeter pelmet. Each style of conservatory is applicable for this upgrade, allowing every homeowner to reap the rewards of its modern benefits. They help improve the ‘room-like’ appeal of the extension.

Housing unit for speakers and lighting systems

Improves overall insulation

Fitted around perimeter internally, beneath the roof system

Customisable in both width and colour


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You can also get quotes for a new conservatory in Worcester over the phone. Leave your details on our online form or reach out directly on 01905 724085. You can use this time also to ask us any questions you might have regarding our products or services across the Worcester area.

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