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Installing Residence Collection windows can add a touch of luxury to a Worcester home. They are the finest timber replica windows on the market today. You can maintain all the authentic visual appeal of a classic timber frame, with none of the dated drawbacks. In fact, these windows can stand toe to toe with many aluminium windows on the market. They are perfect for a traditional property.

Flush Sash

Residence Collection windows come with a stunning flush sash. Crafting it so allows the entire profile to sit level within the aperture. Flush fitting frames deliver similar aesthetics to old timber windows. Therefore, they work best with older properties.

Planitherm Glazing

As members of the Planitherm installer network, we can fit their innovative glazing in our Residence Collection Windows. Both their Comfort and Comfort Plus glass delivers the perfect blend of UV protection and thermal efficiency.

Heightened Security

All three of our Residence Collection windows deliver fantastic standards of home security. They are fitted with multipoint locking and durable hinges. The two work to minimise the chances of a break-in. They are incredibly hard to damage.

Acoustic Insulation

Compared with old timber frames, our Residence Collection windows offer fantastic soundproofing. The thick glazing will deliver superb noise reduction, allowing you to fully disconnect from the outside world.


High quality weatherseals are fitted to each of the Residence Collection windows we install across Worcester. They prevent any water from seeping into the framework and through to your home. You’re protected even in the harshest rainfall.

Low Maintenance

Compared with their timber predecessors, Residence Collection windows require very little maintenance to look their best. All that’s needed after the installation is an occasional wipe down, with particular attention on the moving components.

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Thermally Efficient Windows

You can expect unrivalled thermal performance when you choose Residence Collection windows. With a minimum of seven internal chambers across the entire range, they do a superb job of comprehensively ensuring as little heat escapes your home as possible.

The R Squared model can comfortably achieve U-values as low as 0.8W/m2K during the winter months. This is partnered by a Window Energy Rating grade of A+. During winter, this enhanced energy efficiency could lead to cheaper monthly utility bills.

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Made to Measure Designs

Our Residence Collection windows are all made bespoke to order. Offering a made to measure service speeds up the installation time and ensures the profile fits like hand and glove. Doing this is especially important when working with period homes and in conservation areas.

It also provides the homeowner with the opportunity to design Residence Collection windows that are tailored to their houses. You can choose from decorative, square and staff glazing beads as well as a range of authentic hardware. There are finally a plethora of stunning woodgrain finishes.

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Accredited Installers

Here at Pears, we are proud to be able to boast a range of accreditations and certifications. We are part of the Which? Trusted Traders scheme and are also backed by both Checkatrade and Certass. You can rely on us for Residence Collection window installations.

2 - Range of Products

We take pride in offering a wide range of windows here at Pears. In addition to our Residence Collection windows, we also offer both aluminium and uPVC windows. With this, we cater to all budgets and have options for new and older properties alike.

3 - Personal Service

By choosing Pears over a national installer, you receive a personal customer service. We value the custom you bring our business, so work harder to remove the stress from the installation process. You’ll get a hassle free service when you choose Pears.


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