At Pears, we're proud to supply superb double glazing across Stourport on Severn. Our double glazing windows, doors and conservatories offer stunning natural light, outstanding insulation, and slim sightlines of the spectacular Severn too.

Thermal Efficiency

In your current home, you could be losing a lot of energy through older windows and doors. However, our double glazing puts a stop to wasting energy. You'll trap more of your home's natural heat, meaning you can stay warm and save money.

High Security

At Pears, we put a priority on your home's security. We know how vital it is to feel safe, so we create double glazing products that can give you peace of mind. Our windows, doors and conservatories all have hardware that is an intruder's worst nightmare.

Tailored Designs

At Pears, you can design double glazing to suit any home in Stourport on Severn. We put a range of customisable options at your fingertips so you can create a tailored design. Explore our range of choices using our online quote builder!

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Double Glazed Windows

At Pears, you can invest in double glazing for your home in Stourport on Severn with complete confidence. While we’re a local company, we provide market-leading options to homes across the area. We offer windows, doors and even conservatories that use double glazing in their designs.

You’ll replace your old glass with two panes of advanced glazing, which creates a thermal barrier for your home. Because of this, you’ll get better insulation, firmer security, and you’ll be able to deal with extreme weather conditions.

We work with top partners at Pears too. Because of this, you can invest in stunning uPVC and aluminium profiles. We work with Profile 22 and REAL aluminium, amongst others, for our windows. As a result, you can be sure you’re investing in a high-quality improvement for your home.

With a combination of a durable modern frame and our double glazing, you’ll get a window that makes your home a better place to spend your time. You’ll get outstanding natural light and a feeling of genuine space opening up inside your home.

We install a great range of window designs, including our heritage range, tilt and turn windows, durable casement profiles and our stunning sash windows.

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Double Glazed Doors

Our double glazed entrances help you close the door on bad performance in your home. Not only do our doors make a fantastic first impression, but they can improve how your home uses energy.

With the choice of durable uPVC or an impactful composite door, you can create a front door that blocks cold air entering your home and keeps warm air inside. As a result, your home will be warmer and more comfortable. You can even customise your doors with side panels to let more light into your landing.

Another benefit of our front doors is security. Our designs include leading hardware in the interior, which your uPVC or composite frame will protect and conceal. Because these frames have superb strength, it means any burglars will have a hard time trying to break through your entrance. We also offer stunning bifold doors, french doors and patio doors as part of our range.

Your front door is the most likely place an intruder will target to enter your home. Because of this, Pears’s security-focused double glazing front doors are the responsible choice in Stourport on Severn.

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Double Glazed Conservatories

Also, our double glazing can make your home in Stourport on Severn a little bigger. You could choose to invest in one of our conservatories, which provide your home with a brand-new room full of light and warmth.

Although older builds can suffer from poor heat transfer, Pears’s conservatories are at the cutting edge of design. Your entire build will feature advanced double glazing, as well as an option of roofing and potentially a brickwork dwarf wall to provide a space you can use every day.

You’ll be able to choose a unique style for your build as well. We offer several conservatories as part of our range, so you can select a space that suits the home in which you live.

For a more modern design, you could choose a lean-to build. However, if you live in a traditional property, we also provide classic Victorian, Edwardian and even Gable conservatories for your home. You can choose our double glazing builds to create a feeling of endless space and free up the rest of your home too!

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Quality Products

Working with Pears, you can make sure you make good on your investment. We only supply double glazing with a stunning performance for homes in Stourport on Severn.

2 - Personal Service

We're proud of our friendly, personalised service. We have years of experience in installing double glazing throughout Stourport on Severn, and we'll treat your home on their own.

3 - Competitive Prices

We believe that double glazing should be a part of every home in Stourport on Severn. It's why our prices are highly competitive, making them investments you can pay back in full over time!

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