At Pears Home Improvements, we stock a wide range of uPVC windows for homes in Upton upon Severn. Our designs are modern and stylish, with durable profiles and efficient double glazing to make your home warmer and brighter. Also, you can customise our windows to suit you with a range of unique options.

Thermal Efficiency

uPVC windows are more thermally efficient than old timber windows. As a result, they'll provide better insulation, meaning you'll let less cold air into your home. Not only that, the double glazing in the window captures more of your home's natural heat, ensuring it doesn't escape. Because of this, you can stay warm while spending less on your heating bills.

Highly Secure

Our uPVC windows come with advanced locking mechanisms for your Upton upon Severn home. They cover the whole frame, and they are made with durable, high-grade materials. As a result, you'll get a window that protects you at every angle of the design, keeping you and your home safe from burglars and intruders.


uPVC windows won't warp, crack, twist, rot or lose their shape and strength over time. While that's a lot of things they won't do, there's one thing that makes all of that possible. uPVC windows are fully weatherproof, with frames that deal with all conditions without a hitch. That way, they perform for decades, and their weatherseals last the whole time.

uPVC Windows Upton upon Severn

uPVC Windows Upton upon Severn

Pears Home Improvements is proud to provide uPVC windows that can transform your home in Upton upon Severn. With uPVC frames in their design, these windows can last longer than old timber builds. They’re fully weatherproof and versatile, keeping their performance in slimmer shapes. As a result, these windows let more natural light into your home, and less cold air too.

Because of this, you can benefit from a warmer and brighter home with uPVC windows. And, when you choose Pears to supply and install them, you’ll be working with a trusted local installer. We have an incredible installation team that provides personalised service and quality uPVC windows at competitive prices in Upton upon Severn.

uPVC Windows Styles Upton upon Severn

uPVC Window Styles

At Pears, we offer uPVC windows in a broad range of styles for your home in Upton upon Severn. Firstly, we offer the classics for your home. Casement windows are the UK’s most popular, with a full section of double glazing and slimline uPVC frames. Alternatively, French casement windows provide a sense of charm. Both, though, let light pour into your home.

With our uPVC windows, you can style them to suit both traditional and modern homes too. For newer spaces, our innovative tilt and turn windows open in various ways for your home. However, traditional properties can benefit from our uPVC sliding sash windows, which are the first of their kind!

uPVC Windows Upton upon Severn

Bespoke Design

With uPVC windows, you can craft a unique look for your Upton upon Severn home. That’s what you’ll be able to do when you choose Pears, that is. We believe that no two homes are ever the same, so why should any of our windows? That’s why, with our uPVC windows, you can customise their design to suit your home seamlessly.

You’ll have the option of unique colours and authentic finishes, along with customisable glazing, handles and additional features. With all of this choice, you’ll have no problem creating windows that are one-of-a-kind for your home. And, thanks to their durability, their looks will last for decades – without regular maintenance!

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Quality Products

At Pears, we're committed to quality in everything we do. That's why all of our uPVC windows are high-performance products, sourced from leading manufacturers. When you choose uPVC windows for your Upton upon Severn home with us, you can be sure of advanced thermal efficiency, security and weather protection too.

2 - Personal Service

We're also proud of how we help homeowners throughout Upton upon Severn. We're a local installer, and we've never lost the care we have for our community. You can be sure that, with every installation, Pears prides itself on personalised service. Our installation team will work to your schedule and needs, rather than the other way around.

3 - Competitive Prices

Finally, when you invest in uPVC windows from Pears, you'll know the price straight away. That's because all of our online quotes are comprehensive, covering every cost throughout the process. As a result, you'll know just how much you'll invest for your new windows, without having to deal with hidden fees or surcharges.

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uPVC Window Prices Upton on Severn

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