Composite doors are an eye catching sight for your home in Evesham. They are made from a different range of materials, which include timber, uPVC, and lamination. Consequently, they give off an authentic and natural look. Unlike wood, they don’t wear down either, which makes for robust and sturdy doors. They make a strong first impression on any home in Evesham. If you are looking for a door to keep you and your family safe, consider a composite door. They provide a heightened standard of security compared to wooden and uPVC doors because they are very sturdy. Their robust cores mean that an intruder is less likely to break into your Evesham property. They also come with a range of locks to choose from. For instance, if you choose a door from Solidor, it comes with some of the industries’ finest locks.  These include locking systems from Avantis, Ultion, and the Heritage AV2.

Long Lasting

Composite doors are more durable than uPVC and wooden doors. The whole door keeps its shape because other waterproof materials protect the timber. This makes your door completely weatherproof, so it’s able to withstand tough conditions. The wind and rain won’t cause the door to fade, so it lasts for years to come.

Secure Design

Composite doors will be able to keep your Evesham home secure because they are fitted with multi point locking systems and robust handles. This makes it very hard for intruders to break down your door while protecting you and your belongings.

Blend of Materials

Composite Doors are a perfect example of getting the best of both worlds. You get the classic look of a wooden door, but this is bolstered by the performance of a modern uPVC design. Because several materials layer the door, this creates a durable structure. As a result, the doors have superb insulation and strength.


Our composite doors are fully weatherproof, which is ideal for your Evesham home. Regardless of the conditions, your door won’t be weakened or worn down. Composite doors are made from weatherproof material, including uPVC and lamination. This is beneficial because the door doesn’t need to be maintained regularly.

Kerb Appeal

Your composite door will look fantastic in your Evesham home because it increases its kerb appeal. This is because it is eye catching for passers by and creates a strong impression. It’s a big reason why homeowners in Evesham love composite doors because they stand out while also blending in seamlessly with your home. They’ll increase the property’s market value because buyers are more likely to place an offer.

Authentic Aesthetic

Finally, composite doors add a beautiful aesthetic to your home. While the door will look traditional, at the same time, it will perform like a modern door and last for years to come. You won’t have any issues that you get with wooden doors, but instead, you will get a secure and efficient door. It helps your property look fantastic and last for a very long time.

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Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

One of the benefits of composite doors is their efficiency. With a dense, layered structure, composite doors are highly effective insulators. Your door will have timber, which naturally retains heat, along with air and water-tight uPVC and panels of advanced double glazing. As a result, the door creates a thermal barrier, saving you money on energy bills

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Customisable Composite Doors

At Pears Home Improvements, we know not every customer in Evesham is the same. This is also true of our composite doors. That’s why we are allowing you to design the door from the ground up for a beautiful entrance. To create your ideal design, you can choose from our broad range of glazing, colours, accessories, and hardware. Once you’ve done this, Pears will install a made to measure fit in your Evesham home.

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Range of Products

We give you more choices for your composite doors in Evesham. We work with Solidor, DoorCo, and Hurst, so choose from three leading manufacturers to get a secure door.

2 - Fast Lead Times

We’re proud to be a trusted installer in Evesham. Because we are local, we don’t need to travel far to help you. This means quick lead times and lower prices.

3 - Personal Service

At Pears, we don’t just fit your door because you will get a personalised service with us as well. Our expert team of dedicated installers treat your home with care and courtesy.

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Our entry level option, Planitherm Comfort glass still offers fantastic energy efficiency. This glass is a superb option for bedrooms or street-facing rooms on either floor. They offer a modern thermal and acoustic performance that goes above and beyond the current standard.

20% Better Noise Reduction Than Old Windows

Stops 56% More Heat Escaping the Home

Blocks 99% of All UV Rays

Superb Inherent Strength

Planitherm’s upgrade option, these double glazed panels offer heightened performance levels compared with standard glass. Choose Planitherm Comfort Plus glass for sunnier, south or west fading rooms or on larger windows that need wider-spanning glazed panels.

High Security Transparent Layer

Reduce Overheating

20% Noise Reduction Compared With Older Windows

Furniture Fade Protection With Solar Reduction

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