At Pears Home Improvements, we can create a beautiful new space in your home with our conservatories in Kidderminster. Pears has a wide range of build styles that are fully customisable, meaning you get more choice for your new room with us. And, as a local installer, we can help you create conservatories in Kidderminster at competitive prices!

Thermal Efficiency

At Pears, we supply conservatories that keep you warm in Kidderminster every day. Our designs are never too hot or too cold - they're always just right. With our designs, you'll get advanced double glazing, superb profiles and a range of efficient doors and roofing options. All of these elements insulate you from the cold and reflect heat away, saving you money on bills in the process.

High Security

With our conservatories, you can also keep your home in Kidderminster safe. Our designs all come with advanced security hardware to keep burglars and intruders well away from your property. Each glass panel has multi-point locking systems while our doors have durable handles as well. Not only that, the structural integrity of our conservatories stays for decades.

Bespoke Designs

With our conservatories, you can create a bespoke design for your Kidderminster home. Every part of our builds is customisable, meaning you can design your new space to suit your property seamlessly. With our wide range of build styles, accessories, hardware and colours, you'll be able to create a one-of-a-kind space. However you'd like to design your build, Pears can provide it.

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Conservatories Kidderminster

At Pears, we’ve created a range of conservatories for homes in Kidderminster that are comfortable every day. By working with market-leading companies, every build we supply is a superb, high-quality design. We also install our conservatories locally in Kidderminster, helping you save money. Choose Pears for brilliant new conservatories in Kidderminster today!

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Victorian Conservatories

Our Victorian conservatories are a classic design for Kidderminster homes. Victorian builds have a classic shape, a bay front and multi-faceted ornate windows that allow light to flood into your living space. And, at Pears, we’ve combined modern technology with these traditional features. Your build will have insulated pelmets and corner columns to keep you warm and comfortable every day.

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Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories are similar to Victorian designs for homes in Kidderminster. However, these builds have a square floorplan, giving you more space and providing a more versatile space. As a result, you can use it for multiple purposes for your home. And, with their sleek, clean lines, Edwardian conservatories provide a sense of timeless elegance for your home in Kidderminster.

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Lean-To Conservatories

Alternatively, lean-to conservatories are a more modern design for your Kidderminster home. Sleek and stylish, these builds take up less space and have a flatter roof, meaning they’re more likely to meet planning permission rules. Your build will have full double glazing, slimline profiles and fewer parts, meaning they’re easy to install. Because of this, these conservatories are more affordable in Kidderminster!

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Gable-End Conservatories

For a more elegant design, you could choose our Gable-end conservatories in Kidderminster. Gable-end builds have a high-pitched triangular roof, meaning these design can offer plenty of overhead space. And, with our selection of glass, solid and tiled conservatory roofs, you’ll be able to control the light in your new space precisely while improving insulation. You’ll make a worthwhile investment across our range!

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Quality Products

When you choose Pears for new conservatories in Kidderminster, you'll invest in quality products every time. All of our designs are efficient, secure and built to stand the test of time. Not only that, you can design your space to be unique to your home, meaning you get a one-of-a-kind build!

2 - Personal Service

At Pears, we believe conservatories aren't the only thing you want for your Kidderminster home - you want great service too. It's why our friendly team always treats your home as they would their own and work around your schedule. As a result, you can expand your home with a team that truly cares.

3 - Competitive Prices

By choosing Pears, you won't get a quote that's misleading. Any quote you get for our conservatories in Kidderminster will be comprehensive, and there'll be no hidden fees to worry about. Because of this, you can invest in our conservatories for your Kidderminster home with control and confidence.

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