At Pears Home Improvements, we install the finest conservatories to homes in Pershore and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a simple installation that will change your lifestyle, this is it. Create extra space and breathe fresh air into your property.


It is extremely important that a new conservatory is entirely weatherproof. Our installations are designed using the latest technology to ensure that your house is kept warm and dry. No matter how bad the British weather gets, your home will stay untouched. Even the strongest of winds will not affect your new installation.

Energy Efficient

At Pears, our conservatories are designed to stay a consistent temperature throughout the year. Insulated pelmets and corner columns help your property to trap heat, while ventilation technology allows a constant inflow of fresh air. This ensures that you can use your new installation without the worries of extreme heat or the freezing cold.

Highly Secure

The installation of a Pears conservatory will provide your Pershore home with added layers of security. We aim to add value to your home rather than take away. Our conservatories feature sturdy profiles and robust double glazing. Any doors and windows are fitted with the latest locking mechanisms to ensure that the only way in is with a key.

Conservatories Pershore

Conservatories Pershore

If you are looking for a high quality conservatory for your Pershore home, Pears are the perfect choice. We have years of experience installing home improvement solutions to homes in Worcester and the surrounding areas. When you work with Pears, you are guaranteed a smooth installation and long lasting product.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has led us to work only with market leading manufacturers to supply our conservatories and other double glazing products. We aim to add value to our loyal customer’s homes. Rest assured knowing that you will receive the highest quality installations available.

Families often outgrow their living space. This results in the need to expand. While moving to a new house is a possible solution, this is often costly and means that you will lose the years of work you have carried out at your Pershore property. Conservatories are much more cost effective than moving house or building a true extension. Our experience and expertise at Pears ensures that you will receive a quick installation. Your home will be bigger in only a matter of time.

Because of their vast portions of glazing, conservatories create a bright and airy living space. This increase in natural lighting has been proven to create the illusion of extra space. A conservatory is a versatile installation that can be used for many purposes throughout the year. With the installation of a Pears conservatory, the way you use your property will change for the better.

Victorian Conservatories

Victorian Conservatories

When you think of a conservatory, you are probably envisioning a Victorian design. This classic conservatory style has been around for years and is loved by many.  Its classic aesthetic makes it extremely versatile and perfect for both modern and traditional homes alike.

If you do own a more modern home but love this traditional style, you can opt for a custom colour profile to create a sleek look. If you want to stick to a more conventional design, you may like to browse our range of glazing options. Whatever it is you are looking for, we are sure we will have the solution.

Edwardian Conservatory Pershore

Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories still exhibit traditional allure like the Victorian style, but with the addition of extra room. Its rectangular floorplan allows you to maximise your space, as it is easier to furnish and decorate. Spread your furniture out over a larger area or divide your living space up for multiple uses. Its symmetrical design makes this incredibly easy to do.

If you are looking for a conservatory with a true extension feel, this may be a good option to consider. Choose from portions of brickwork or floor to ceiling glazing. Whatever look you would like to create, we would be happy to do so. If you do opt for a greater amount of brickwork, we will be sure to match it to the existing style of your property for a seamless transition.

Lean To Conservatory Pershore

Lean-To Conservatories

If you are looking for a modest conservatory style, the lean to may be ideal. This conservatory offers a cost effective home expansion solution to properties in Pershore and the surrounding areas. Although the lean to design is often smaller than other conservatory styles, this does not mean it lacks in aesthetics. The slanted roof can be tiled, solid or glazed. Opt for floor to ceiling glazing if you would like to maximise light inflow. A dark profile can be used to create a more modern, industrial look. This can be combined with portions of brickwork for greater control over temperature.

As well as being affordable, lean to conservatories can also be fitted to a bungalow without planning permission. This makes for a quick, easy and efficient installation. Create extra space in only a matter of time.

Gable End Conservatory Pershore

Gable-End Conservatories

A gable end conservatory is perfect for those looking to add a touch of grandeur to their Pershore property. This installation is the biggest design we offer and features high ceilings, a pitched roof and intricate detailing. Renew your property’s kerb appeal and stun your family and friends.

The large, rectangular floor plan is perfect for double use. Create a kitchen come dining area or a large place to entertain. With the installation of a gable end conservatory, the possibilities are endless. Our expert team will help create your dream installation.

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Quality Products

We are proud to offer our customers industry-leading double glazing. We source our windows, doors and conservatories from some of the best manufacturers in the business. You can be confident that your next home improvement project is in the safe hands of industry experts. You’ll be getting the most for your money with a product that genuinely improves your home.

2 - Personal Service

We are proud to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers. It is important that you feel confident in us and we believe that going above and beyond for our customers is what sets us apart from other national installers. As a proud local installer in Worcester, we place value on working with you, which is reflected in our commitment to service.

3 - Competitive Prices

We are proud to give our valued customers competitive double glazing prices. We believe in being upfront and honest, and therefore there are no hidden fees with our installations. When you receive your free online quote, it will be fully comprehensive, transparent and accurate. Our prices cover both the supply and fit of your double glazing.

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