At Pears Home Improvements, our conservatories make a terrific addition to any home in Tewkesbury. That's because we make sure all of our builds are warm, bright and secure for your home. Not only that, but you'll get to choose from a wide range of designs and styles. And, with a local installer, you'll get a made-to-measure installation too.

Thermal Efficiency

Our conservatories are thermally efficient. That means they won't get too hot or cold as older designs can. As a result, you'll be able to stay warm without losing any energy from your home as well. Because of this, you can cut the cost of your energy bills over time. Not only that, you can enjoy your space all year round.

High Security

With Pears, you can protect what matters most with our conservatories. That's because they come loaded with leading security hardware, including modern locking mechanisms, durable profiles and robust materials. If an intruder tries to enter, they'll find no way through your highly secure new space.

Bespoke Designs

You won't have to settle for an off-the-shelf design with Pears. Rather than pick a template, you can design unique conservatories from the ground up for your Tewkesbury home. That way, you'll create a bespoke build that suits your needs, style and budget. Also, you can add customisable colours, features and accessories!

Conservatories in Tewkesbury

Conservatories in Tewkesbury

Pears provides terrific conservatories for homes in Tewkesbury. With us, you’ll be sure to make a good investment in a quality space for your home. At Pears, we value two things above all others. We make sure that our products perform for your home by working with leading manufacturers, and we offer a personalised service to install them in the right way.

Also, you’ll be able to expand your home without compromise when you choose Pears. That’s because we stock a wide range of designs and additional features, and you can fully customise the size and shape of your build too. We supply Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to and Gable End conservatories for homes in Tewkesbury!

Victorian Conservatories

Victorian Conservatories

For a start, you could invest in a classic space for your home. Victorian conservatories are superb for traditional homes in Tewkesbury, but they also suit modern homes. With their ornate windows, bay front and unique shape, they let natural light pour into your living space. And, with double glazing and durable profiles, they’ll stay warm all year round.

Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian builds, on the other hand, have a square floorplan. That means you still get a traditional design, but it comes with a shape that’s more suited to modern homes. You can use one of these rooms for a variety of purposes, and for years to come. The build is fully weatherproof, ensuring decades of reliable performance.

Lean-To Conservatories

Lean-To Conservatories

For a more modern take on conservatories in Tewkesbury, you could consider the Lean-to build. Lean-to designs use a flatter roof, fewer parts and a space-conscious shape, making them ideal for smaller homes and bungalows. They’re more likely to meet planning permission rules, and they cost less than more traditional designs to install too!

Gable-End Conservatories

Gable-End Conservatories

Gable End conservatories are a more expansive option for your home in Tewkesbury. The design uses classic features, including a high-pitched triangular roof, to add a sense of class to your home. However, it’ll look brilliant on the inside too, with intricate detailing and a choice of customisable colours and accessories.

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Quality Products

With Pears, you can be sure of one thing. The conservatories we supply to homes in Tewkesbury are high-quality designs, and they can enhance your home for years to come. We work with leading companies to offer designs with a difference for your home. Not only that, but we have a wider choice of styles than many other brands.

2 - Personal Service

We also pride ourselves on how we serve homeowners in Tewkesbury. As a local installer, we care about our area and the people who call it home. That's why, with our conservatories, we try and make you feel prouder of your living space. And, with our fully qualified fitting team, you'll get a perfect installation that you can rely on for your home.

3 - Competitive Prices

Finally, we believe you should be in control of your investment. That's why, at Pears, we offer quotes for our conservatories that are the comprehensive package for your home in Tewkesbury. Our quote covers the whole installation, and it has no hidden fees or surcharges. That way, you'll know what you're getting straight away.

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