Are Bifold Doors Secure?

With their folding concertina like shape, many homeowners might feel that bifold doors are not safe or secure as sliding or French doors. However, Bifold doors can be very safe if you take the correct precautions and properly install them. They offer maximum security and provide an attractive proposition to your home in Worcester.

What Materials are Used to Create Bifold Doors?

There are many different materials used to create Bifold doors. These include uPVC with double glazed glass panels for thermal efficiency and wood. However, more homeowners are choosing aluminium because it is durable and long lasting.

If you live in an area that frequently experiences tough weather conditions, then wood and timber are proven materials to battle the elements. But on the flipside, wood suffers from chipping and rotting over time, causing more damage to your bifold door. Choose engineered wood which is useful because it’s specifically developed to be more durable. 

Aluminium is a harder, more robust material.  It might be more expensive and can lack an organic look; however, it offers an extra defence mechanism. It is also better for the environment because aluminium is a precious metal, which can be recycled.

Double glazing panels are a necessity if you want to keep your bifold door more secure. The panels are thermally efficient and cost effective because they help keep natural heat indoors. This makes your home feel warm and comfortable, keeping your family safe and protected.

A common misunderstanding about aluminium bifold doors is that they are cold to the touch. However, if your doors are thermally efficient, then they are only cold on the outside. If you want to maximise your protection against the weather, then you can buy a weather seal kit or even weatherproof paints and varnishes. This helps improve the protection against even the harshest conditions.

How can I make my Bifold door more secure?

If you are a homeowner in Worcestershire and still feel like you need to increase your protection, you can invest in a bifold door alarm. They can be a necessity if you want to keep your home secure. It can be fitted very subtly, which is good if you don’t want to damage the aesthetic value of your home. It can even be synced up to your smartphone or tablet so you can keep track of it and get alerts if unwanted intruders come onto your property.

However, one drawback of this approach is that some homeowners will install fake alarms, which they might think will put thieves off. Consequently, most thieves see through this disguise and can break in, so this may not be the option to consider.

All our bifold doors come with multi lock security, which increases your Worcester home’s protection. They also come with an in-line tracking system that makes it impossible for intruders to lift the glass. The doors are attached to a gear within the bottom track, which is created from harder steel. So, you can feel confident that bi fold doors offer maximum protection.

The locks that are suitable to help with the security of bifold doors include:

  •   Twinpoint – This lock includes a handle that operates from the top and bottom of the lead door, securing it in one movement. It comes with a wide selection of styles and finishes, so you can customise it any way you want.
  •  Childproof – This type of lock is ideal if you have small children and don’t want them to escape, especially curious. The locks are designed to be easy for adults to use but difficult for children. They range from substantial locks that fit over the top of bifold doors to simple tie locks.
  • Dropbolt / Deadbolt locks – These types of locks are fastened with a key or twisting lock. But for added security, a key is beneficial. They are easy to install but hard to crack, so your children will be kept safe. 

Bifold doors are a flexible and attractive addition to your home. We tailor to fit your bifold door exactly how you want it, so you can add many accessories to help it protect your Worcestershire home even more.  

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