Certass or Fensa – What are they?

When you are looking for a home improvement company to work with, you may see the following two accreditations mentioned: FENSA and Certass. These two accreditations show that the company is reputable and trustworthy in their services. 

In this article, we will discuss accreditations, what you need to do to be awarded one, and the differences. 

What Is Certass?

Certass, known as Certification and Self-Assessment, is a government-authorised certification body. This scheme allows companies to certify their installations to current building standards. The company will be assessed and inspected for continuity to ensure that they are adhering to guidelines. 

What is FENSA?

A FENSA certification shows that your window and door installation comply with building regulations and uses energy-efficient products, and the company is registered with their local council. 

Do Companies Need A FENSA or Certass Certificate?

Glazing home improvement companies need a FENSA or Certass certification to install their products. This proves they comply with building regulations and are registered with their local authority. It will also provide peace of mind to their customers that they are trusted to provide high-quality services. 

Why Do These Accreditations Matter? 

If you are looking for a trusted home improvement company to work with on your next project, then checking if they have accreditations from FENSA or Certass is a great start. FENSA and Certas both assess any potential approved companies while they are working to ensure they are following the relevant guidelines. 

Ensuring they comply with building regulations and laws will reduce any significant problems in the long run, as you will know your chosen company is approved and reliable. 

How To Check If A Company Is FENSA or Certass Approved?

Depending on the company will determine how to find out if a home improvement company is FENSA or Certass-approved. Some companies will show on their website that they are FENSA and Certass approved and will provide their certificates. For instance, at Pears Home Improvements, we mention on our homepage that we are Certass-approved. We are proud of this achievement and want to show we are a reputable company to work with. 

However, if this is not the case, you may need to contact the company directly to ask if they have these accreditations and if they are happy to provide proof. Any approved company will be glad to talk about their accreditations with you in more detail. 

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