Will double glazing reduce heat loss?

Double glazing is a great way to reduce heat loss. Home energy efficiency is a big problem in Britain. Carbon emissions from households are one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide pollution.

By making your home more energy efficient, you’re bound to reduce your carbon footprint and cut your spending on central heating. Double glazing is one of the best measures to achieve this and save money and the environment.

Double glazing creates a highly effective thermal barrier between your home and the outside world. It’s especially effective in cold winter months when you need to retain as much heat as possible. Double glazing reduces heat loss by featuring two glass panes with an air bubble between them. This gap prevents heat from transferring out and keeps cold from coming in. It’s an ingenious measure to insulate your home and make it more energy efficient.

Traditional and older windows typically feature a single pane of glass that does a poor job of keeping your home warm. Older windows are notorious for allowing draughts and cold spots. However, with double glazing, this is a thing of the past.

Modern and traditional homes deserve double glazing to reduce heat loss. It’s a great way to increase your quality of life and comfort throughout the year. It’s highly cost effective as it saves you money on your energy bills in the long term. Moreover, windows are one of the worst offenders for letting heat escape. That’s why double glazing makes perfect sense every time.

Here at Pears, we offer advanced double glazing that creates a highly effective thermal barrier to reduce heat loss. Our double glazing products are an essential way to enhance your home’s insulation and energy efficiency.

By going with our double glazing, you’re bound to create a warmer, more comfortable home that feels cosy even in the coldest months.

Double glazing in windows is not the only way to reduce heat loss. Our double glazing can feature in doors and conservatories, providing a multidimensional way of reducing heat loss. Many people desire glasswork in their doors; that’s why we offer to install double glazing in the doors we fit. We believe every surface of glass that separates you from the outside should be double glazed. And doors are no exception. We install a range of doors that can feature double glazing to reduce heat loss. From uPVC doors to composite doors and bifold doors, our collection features cutting edge double glazing designed to reduce heat loss.

This is particularly important for doors with large glass surface areas, like bifolds or sliding patio doors. If such doors didn’t feature double glazing they would allow way too much heat to escape, costing you an arm and a leg. That’s why double glazing is crucial to reducing heat loss and making your home more energy efficient. Any big surface areas of glass need to be double glazed if you want your home to be properly insulated and not lose heat.

Our beautiful range of windows features the most advanced double glazing on the market. You can choose casementflush casementtilt and turnFrench casementsliding sashbow and bay and Residence Collection windows. All our designs feature modern double glazing technology that offers great insulation. Our collection is a sure-fire way of preventing the cold from creeping into your home or experiencing any nasty, surprise draughts. Our double glazing and window profiles are supplied by market leading suppliers, including Profile 22 and REAL Aluminium.

We install conservatories with the finest double glazing made to reduce heat loss at Pears. Conservatories are a prime example of a structure that requires double glazing to function. They overheat easily in summer, and become freezing cold in winter if they don’t feature double glazing. That’s why it’s essential conservatories are fitted with double glazing as soon as they’re built. A single pane conservatory would become a huge source of heat loss in the winter. But a double glazed conservatory provides an extremely effective thermal barrier to retain more heat. Moreover, it’s essential to create a conservatory environment that doesn’t overheat in the summer. Double glazing helps with that, too, keeping more cool air inside and not letting too much warmth inside.

Our double glazing products are designed to retain more heat and make you more comfortable for every season and occasion. Double glazing is a guaranteed method to reduce heat loss and make your home more comfortable for those cold winter months when you feel the bite of winter.

You won’t find a more cost-effective way of retaining more heat in your home while spending less on your energy bills. Ensure your property is energy efficient with one of the best long-term investments you can make – double glazing.

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