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If you live in an older property here in Tewkesbury, our sash windows are perfect for you. Crafted from quality uPVC, these windows work as fantastic replacements for old wooden vertical sliders. They are almost indistinguishable in design. With this, you can replace outdated timber frames, without compromising on the classic period charm associated with a sash window.

Vertical Slider

Sash Windows utilise a vertical slider, meaning they operate on a vertical sliding mechanism. The bottom half of the sash window lifts vertically within its classic frame. Once raised all the way up, it sits in line with the top half. These classic windows were originally fitted during the Victorian era onto homes here in the Tewkesbury area.

Long Lasting

We here at Pears have modernised the timeless design of the sash window. Instead of using the outdated timber profile that is often a target of rotting, warping and eventual disrepair, we have outfitted our sash windows with modern uPVC profiles, giving them a substantial lifespan. Completely weatherproof against heavy rains and strong winds, you can be sure your sash window will not rot or suffer from bowing. You can get decades of reliable and consistent performance from your sash windows.

Slim Sightlines

Our sash windows are installed with sleek and slim sightlines that can be up to just 35mm thick. Let the natural light shine over your interior, illuminating it. Noticeably enhance the aesthetics of your Tewkesbury property as your sash window turns the heads of nearby onlookers.


Whereas the sash windows of yesteryear often fell victim to the ill effects of the harsh weather due to their timber frames, Pear’s sash windows can stand the test of time and resist whatever the British weather can throw at it; thanks to its uPVC frames. We offer complete weatherproof sash windows as we outfit your new property piece with high quality seals that are expertly fitted around the perimeter, which will prevent water and wind permeability. You can rest assured that you will not have to worry about any maintenance costs because of the weather, as your sash window is fully protected against strong draughts and water damage.

Acoustic Insulation

We offer Planitherm glazing for our sash windows, which effectively grants homeowners peerless acoustic insulation. Our sash windows can soundproof your home, which can be especially helpful if you live near a busy road or a noisy neighbourhood. Improved acoustic insulation can be the perfect addition for those looking for some peace and quiet in their properties, allowing you to enjoy your home in serenity.

Security as Standard

We understand the incredibly important requirement of homeowners and their loved ones wanting to feel safe and secure inside their own properties, which is why we make sure our sash windows improve the security of your Tewkesbury home. Our sash windows come outfitted with high grade locking systems. This means that the number of weak spots on your sash window is minimised, effectively nullifying all possibilities of a potential burglary or home invasion. Our sash windows even adhere to Secured by Design standards.

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Authentic & Traditional Design

We here at Pears understand that the process of renovating a period property can be both stressful and expensive. It can also be difficult to find sash windows that can authentically replicate the design and feel of timber windows without having to break the bank. We offer a stress-free and cheaper option with Roseview’s stunning models.

Each sash window offers superb aesthetics that replicate the classic style of timber sash windows whilst utilising a range of authentic hardware and accessories to grant the performance of a modern window. In addition to customising the colour to suit your Tewkesbury home, you can also enhance your sash windows with the addition of run-through sash horns and the options of either a flush or projecting cill.

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Thermally Efficient Sash Windows

Does your Tewkesbury home get too cold or hot during the colder and hotter seasons of the year? Then may we suggest trying the amazing thermal efficiency of our sash windows. They do an excellent job of retaining the natural heat within your home, keeping your interior warm, effectively improving the energy efficiency of your property during the colder winter months. Save money on the energy bill as you become less incentivised to switch on the central heating, all the while enjoying a warm and cosy home.

In addition to an internally chambered profile, these sash windows come with tilt-in sashes. Such an addition not only improves maintenance, but it also enhances the ventilation of your property. By using the tilt function of your sash window, you can allow a consistent stream of cold air without ever having to compromise your home security.

Why Choose Pears?

1 - Experienced & Accredited

Our installers bring decades of experience to every installation. They fit our uPVC sash windows to a professional standard, taking a duty of care with your home. As a result, we are backed by Checkatrade, Certass and Which?.

2 - Fantastic Customer Service

Here at Pears, we are proud of our local reputation for delivering superb customer service. We offer the personal touch, valuing each and every customer that chooses us over a competitor. As a result, your sash window installation is completely hassle free.

3 - Wider Range of Options

By installing The Rose Collection sash windows, we can offer our customers a wider range of sash windows. There are choices for every style of home and every budget. What’s more, our uPVC sash window range also spans to a plethora of other styles as well.

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Our entry level option, Planitherm Comfort glass still offers fantastic energy efficiency. This glass is a superb option for bedrooms or street-facing rooms on either floor. They offer a modern thermal and acoustic performance that goes above and beyond the current standard.

20% Better Noise Reduction Than Old Windows

Stops 56% More Heat Escaping the Home

Blocks 99% of All UV Rays

Superb Inherent Strength

Planitherm’s upgrade option, these double glazed panels offer heightened performance levels compared with standard glass. Choose Planitherm Comfort Plus glass for sunnier, south or west fading rooms or on larger windows that need wider-spanning glazed panels.

High Security Transparent Layer

Reduce Overheating

20% Noise Reduction Compared With Older Windows

Furniture Fade Protection With Solar Reduction


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